Sep 6, 2011

SuperMan Anna

This is just a funny thought that came to my mind what if super man supports Anna's cause of Lok paal? I made it in a way so that it can be converted into a T-Shirt print.

Feb 5, 2010


Tried the old scratched up photo look using Powerpoint2007. That's my friend and his dog! Created an old sepia look and added some line scratched and fiber scratch in the pic.
Learn to create this here: Photoshop effect in PowerPoint

Nostalgia Filmstrip

I added a nostalgia effect in this pic. It brings back the old 35MM camera used in a cricket stadium. Collected some pics from a friend and compiled them.

Jan 3, 2010

Promotional posters for the movie 3 Kaminey. Am I right? Of course I am bluffing. Just played around with some pics I got on the internet and compiled them. Tell me how is the output!

Dec 28, 2009


This is a pic I made an avatar of a friend. It took me 3 hours to create this effect. Its a little bit scary but couldn't get any scarier. I will upload more if I can finish it more.

Nov 24, 2009

This one I made on a machine that didn't had photoshop. I looked around and got Office 2007 instead. So I used mspaint and Word 2007 to generate this look. I also got some crumpled paper wallpapers and added to the theme. Hope you like it.

Oct 15, 2009

Book Fish

I made these two flyers for a book community I am a member of. These came out GR8. See the ink blot and the ink pot that I took from a website.
I also tried image transformation and emboss for the other one.

Oct 14, 2009


I tried fire effect on this one. Please apologize for the crudeness of the same as i put 1/2 hour on the image. I will put up some tutorials in the future. Thanks

Oct 12, 2009


This is one of my photoshop CS3 examples. I have been doing photoshop for the last 1 year. But thought of putting up for everybody to see. So I took some of my friends pics and started playing with them. I dont know how you will like the output. But this is it. Please tell me how you like the effect. I will be uploading more of them in recent future. Thanks